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Arenal Scenic View

La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano Area are well known for its extensive list of Nature Activities and attractions in one of the most Lush Green Forest, Gardens, Valleys, Mountains and Volcanoes. Numerous receational Activities are found in the Area.

Astonishing and impressive natural companionship you can witness at our Arenal Volcano vantage point, where surrounding rainforest and beauty emerald lake "Los Juncos" can give an unforgettable experience for your Costa Rica vacation: volcano spectacular view from a safe and close vantage point with a deep nature feeling. Furthermore, rainforest animals can be seen.

As a free access facility (for a healthy diurnal 2.8 Km uphill hike), as a stop while doing the horseback riding camp tour, or as a guided tour with van transportation from the hotel on a road path that goes to "Los Juncos" lake, lies the Arenal Volcano vantage point observatory where, with a clear day, you can appreciate the great image of one of the volcano.

Emerald colored water "Los Juncos" lake is the place where the advantage point is located, overlooking the lake and volcano base, ensures a position to enjoy a very close Arenal Volcano safe view. "Los Juncos" is one of the two Arenal Volcano Lakes naturally formed by the blocking of springs by lava flows of ancient volcanic eruption, that features great beauty and emerald colored water. The Tropical Rain Forest ambient provides the chance for bird watching, among others fauna possibilities like the howler monkey, some butterfly species or the coati.

Don't forget that after an intense and active tour day you can enjoy relax in the natural hot springs hotel facilities and get relax, health and beauty at our Fangus Spa Resort.