Arenal Volcano Lakes

Right at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, and completely surrounded by a rainforest populated by birds and monkeys, there are two lakes -or rather lagoons- of emerald waters, providing a really mystical natural experience that simply will make your Costa Rican vacation unforgettable.

Several thousand years ago, lava flows from the volcano clogged natural streams at two main sites, creating lakes Los Juncos and Los Lirios, named after the aquatic plants living there. In fact, Los Lagos is named after these particular and beautiful lakes.

Our scenic viewpoint is located above Los Juncos ("the bulrushes"), overlooking the water and the volcano and ensuring a position to enjoy a very close and safe view of the Arenal.

Don't forget that after an intense and active tour day you can relax in the hotel’s natural hot springs and enjoy the health and beauty of our Fangus Spa.