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Canopy tour Los Cañones offers you a tour full of adrenaline. The scenery high up within the forest canopy is spectacular. Enjoy the view from above and spotting birdlife amongst the surrounding trees.

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Horseback Riding

Book your Horseback Riding tour at Hotel Los Lagos. Enjoy the experience of riding a horse while you make a journey into the rainforest and a great view of the Arenal Volcano.

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Hot Spring

The Arenal Volcano provide us with not only its beauty but with the best Hot Springs in the area. Visit the Hot Springs of the Hotel Los Lagos for a relaxing spa vacation getaway in the beautiful San Carlos

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Your honeymoon is probably going to be one of the most wonderful and magical memories you have, so let us give you an unforgettable experience in the beautiful Costa Rica.

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Romantic dinner

Have a great dinner on the lake in the Hotel Los Lagos where the atmosphere is friendly, food, service and attitude will make you have a wonderful experience.

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Fangus Spa

Touched by the lush natural rainforest enchantment, the Fangus Spa in Hotel Los Lagos is the perfect destination for quality personal care treatments.

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Los Lagos Hotel Resort & Spa

A great Costa Rica vacation is waiting for you in a hot springs hotel featuring a really big natural outdoor area, which is both the largest piece of land among hotels in the zone and the very next to Arenal Volcano itself!, with an unique and wide range of services and facilities for the enjoyment of the volcano spectacular closest safe view, Costa Rica culture, people and cuisine, as well as the tropical rainforest flora & fauna. All in one place at Los Lagos, Hotel Spa & Resort!

Enjoy the most plentiful breakfast, including Costa Rican "gallo pinto", you may ever have. You can find pleasure and fun at the pool & hot springs hotel facilities; and relax, health & beauty at the Spa Resort. So be happy and let the natural hot springs by the Arenal volcano internal healthy energy & minerals complements all of your Costa Rica Vacation package activities, such that those into the nature or adventure tours.

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano, was one of most active volcano in Costa Rica and one of the most active in the world. Thanks to the fact of having into its property plentiful land from the hotel up to the very volcano flanks (for really great natural activities) you can witness here some of the most impressive and breathtaking creations of nature, Los Lagos have an Arenal Volcano vantage point (observatory) enabling closest & safe spectacular volcano

view, and the really mystical & beautiful esmerald Lakes as a bonus (which were formed by the lava flows of ancient volcanic eruptions and are the reason for the name of our resort).

Arenal Volcano geothermal energy makes possible your pleasure at the hot springs hotel facilities, and the relax at the Spa Resort. No Costa Rica Vacation is complete without magnificent Arenal Volcano natural spectacle!

Tropical Rainforest

Costa Rica Rainforest is present in all the tours as well as Los Lagos owned land (ranging from the hotel itself to the northern volcano flanks): the surrounding scenery, gardens, nature facilities and the fauna. Here, rainforest animals can be close enough (and safely) for your great pictures. This includes a Butterfly Garden featuring the Blue [Red & blue poison-dart frog ] Morpho Butterfly among others not less colorful from our country. A Rainforest Frog Farm including the well known Poison Dart Frog and the Red Eye Tree Frog as well, where you can learn about their importance and facts. [12 feet Crocodile] Several Crocodile Farm exhibitions, including a big crocodile specimen. And a rare Rainforest Ants "showcase" e[Rainforest Cutter Leaf Ant Showcase]nables you to see the amazing burrow inner life of Costa Rica cut leaf ants and teach you about their importance. No Costa Rica Vacation is complete without the Tropical Rainforest experience!