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The Lakes Hotel is pleased to welcome all those who wish to spend their honeymoon or anniversary in our facilities, being offered them a unique experience in a natural environment. We offer a fully customized stay to provide an unforgettable experience. We include canopy tours, romantic dinner, horseback riding and other services that will make your stay memorable.

Romantic Dinner

Let us make you spend a dreamy stay with your partner in the Hotel Los Lagos, with our romantic dinner on the lake. Where you will live a wonderful experience in the light of the moon, in the middle of the lake, along with a spectacular view of the volcano.

Fangus Spa

Touched by the lush natural rainforest enchantment, bathed in fresh air and surrounded by water, Fangus Spa in Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort is the perfect destination for quality personal care treatments. What can be better than a Therapeutic Massage or another treatment after a long day of travel, exploration or work?

Los Lagos Hotel Pools

The pools at Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort receive their water supply directly from the tropical rainforest’s springs. Each pool is like a man-made pond, fed by fresh, freely flowing streams. So, you will enjoy a refreshing and relaxing Costa Rican vacation in a pristine natural pool.

Hot Springs Costa Rica

The natural hot springs at the Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort receive their water supply directly from pristine rainforest springs, and are natural looking hot tubs, strategically placed to receive the continuous flow of hot fresh water, full of healthy minerals, from the Arenal Volcano’s underground heat source to your body! Relax and have healthy fun every time you enjoy our natural hot springs during your Costa Rican vacation.

Lemnos Wet Bar

With the Arenal Volcano as an impressive natural background, enjoy the refreshing beverages and tropical fruit at our Lemnos Wet Bar, blending the pleasant and relaxing warmth of a hot spring, with the happy and musical atmosphere of this hotel bar.

Arenal Volcano Lakes

Right at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, and completely surrounded by a rainforest populated by birds and monkeys, there are two lakes -or rather lagoons- of emerald waters, providing a really mystical natural experience that simply will make your Costa Rican vacation unforgettable.

Hot Springs Natural Benefits

The therapeutic uses of natural hot springs can be internal or external, ranging from water treatments (hydrotherapy), to medicinal clay (geotherapy). Applied as a mask directly on the skin, clay releases excess body heat and absorbs toxins and other secretions.

Info Center Los Cañones

Info Center Los Cañones Tour Operator offers anything you may want for your Costa Rican travel and adventure tour. The agency can arrange for your ATV tours, a visit to the Venado Caves or hikes to Río Celeste and Cerro Chato, as well as bird-watching tours and the Arenal Volcano Hike & Waterfall Tour, among others.

Souvenir Shop

Our souvenir shop offers a large picture and photo collection of the active Arenal Volcano. Here you may find historical images of volcanic eruptions and recent pictures of astonishing nocturnal volcanic activity, as well as books, maps and Costa Rican crafts.

Arenal Volcano Observatory

Astonishing and impressive natural companionship you can witness at our Arenal Volcano vantage point, where surrounding rainforest and beauty emerald lake "Los Juncos" can give an unforgettable experience for your Costa Rica vacation: volcano spectacular view from a safe and close vantage point with a deep nature feeling. Furthermore, rainforest animals can be seen.