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Souvenir Shop

Our souvenir shop offers a large picture and photo collection of the active Arenal Volcano. Here you may find historical images of volcanic eruptions and recent pictures of astonishing nocturnal volcanic activity, as well as books, maps and Costa Rican crafts. You can take home memories of your visit to the Arenal Volcano and show your friends and family an approximation of the activity you witnessed first hand.

Our souvenirs also include t-shirts, key holders and paintings, all of which are created by local artisans who give a very personal and distinctive touch to each and every creation.

The Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort novelty shop offers a wide variety of gift ideas for your loved ones: Costa Rican souvenirs, ornamental magnets and plates, photographs and cups and glasses to cheer up your kitchen or living room.

The Los Lagos Souvenir Shop can offer you the most amazing active volcano photo collection: spectacular nocturnal eruption views, as well as diurnal volcanic activity highlight the already impressive rainforest. Images of the Arenal Volcano and the tropical forest have been skillfully captured by the local artists on natural media: wood, leather, seashells, seeds, ceramic and feathers.

Our high quality books, ranging from the Official Bird Guide of Costa Rica to history and culture, will also make for fine gifts.

Don't forget that after an intense and active tour day you can relax in the hotel’s natural hot springs and enjoy the health and beauty of our Fangus Spa.